• The login is not working. What could be the reason?

    As an employee of the University of Vienna (employed before 2018) you already have an account in our registration system!

    Please log in with your access data (e-mail address and password). If you do not remember your password, you can request a new one under "Assistance with your password".

    ATTENTION: This is not your u:account, so the login does not work with your u:account password.

    If you have only been employed at the University of Vienna since 2018, please create a new account.

  • Is group registration possible?

    Due to the individual queries a group registration online is unfortunately not possible.

    If you would like to register several participants, please send us an e-mail with your request to congress@univie.ac.at with the subject "ESA RN01 Midterm Conference in Vienna 2022 group registration".
    If your billing address is different, please include it in your request.

    We will send you forms, which you should fill out and return to us per person. Please also confirm the basic regulation for the protection of species here. As soon as we have completed the group registration, we will send you the registration confirmation together with the invoice(s).

    Alternatively, you can register all participants one after the other online.
    ATTENTION: Please do not forget to log out the last person before you continue working with the account of the next person.

  • Do I have to register for free of charge events?

    For organizational reasons the registration for free of charge events is neccessary and therefore mandatory.

  • I accidentally chose "bank transfer" instead of "credit card payment". Can I still pay by credit card online?

    No problem. Please simply send us an e-mail to congress@univie.ac.at with the request that you would like to pay online with credit card.

    We will then send you an e-mail with a link for the online credit card payment. Please click on this link and follow the instructions in the e-mail.

  • How can I cange my existing registration?

    Changes or cancellations must be sent in writing to the Congress Office (e-mail: congress@univie.ac.at or fax +43 1 4277-17699).

    Please do not register again but send us your change requests. We will make the changes for you and send you a new confirmation.

  • How can I cancel my existing registration?

    Cancellations must be sent in writing to the Congress Office (e-mail: congress@univie.ac.at or fax +43 1 4277-17699).

    Please note the cancellation conditions of the respective event. These can be found below the congress fees as well as on your registration confirmation.

Travel Grant


  • Are travel grants for this conference available?

    Unfortunately we can not offer travel grants or waiving of registration fees for this conference.



  • Where can I park my car?

    The nearest garage is the Votivpark-Garage.

    Please find more information here.

  • Is free WLAN available at the venue?

    Free WLAN access is available at the entire venue. You will receive your individual access code at the registration desk.

  • Where's the nearest ATM?

    The nearest ATM is in the basement of the Main Building of the University of Vienna (see map below).

  • Can I drink the tap water?

    The Viennese population is supplied with spring water from the Northern Calcareous Alps. The "Alpine" tap water is very high quality, low in nitrogen, has no measurable pesticide residues and tastes as good as any mineral water. So, you need have few worries at all about drinking or using the tap water.

    Please find more information about the drinking water quality here.