Application guidelines

ESA RN01 PhD workshop is designed to provide you with the unique opportunity to:

  • Present your work to peers and experts in the field of ageing and gain their feedback
  • Provide your feedback (10 minutes) to one of participants during the presentation session (you will get their submission beforehand to be able to prepare in-depth comments)
  • Take part in the exchange between other students and mentors
  • Ask any type of questions regarding your research and development of your carer and get guidance from experienced mentors during Q&A sessions
  • Get to know Mentors, who are experts in ageing studies and have experience with academic career, advocacy for older people, research and policymaking.

We want you to submit short description of your work and 3 questions that you would like to ask Mentors. Based on your application and Mentors expertise we will assign you to the most suitable Mentor who will familiarise herself/ himself with your application. During the PhD workshop you will get 15 minutes to present your work in form of an oral presentation (please prepare slides) and one assigned Mentor and one assigned PhD Participant will provide you with their feedback. Before the workshop, you will get application of another participant to provide them with your feedback during the presentation session. Your feedback should address strengths and limitations of a given work and you need to be able to present it during 10 minutes time. It’s up to you if you decide to prepare presentation slides with the feedback or just deliver oral feedback without presentation slides.

You will take part in all sessions where other students will present their work. There will be also an open Q&A session with each mentor so you can ask any ad-hoc questions that might appear not only to your assigned Mentor but to all Mentors in the workshop.

We want this process to be engaging and beneficial to you in all possible ways so we ask you to make sure that your application is well prepared and easy to follow.