We invite you to ESA RN01 PhD workshop in Vienna, Austria, July  11-13 2022.

ESA RN01 PhD Workshops are an opportunity for graduate students to present and discuss their research work in the field of aging. The workshop provides a forum that facilitates interactions among PhD students and stimulates feedback from more experienced researchers and practitioners.

ESA RN01 2022 welcomes submissions from PhD students who have not yet received their PhD degrees. If you are in the early stages of your studies, the submission should clearly describe the problem you are working on, explain why it is important, detail why the existing solutions are not sufficient and outline the new solutions you are pursuing. If you are further along or close to completion, the submission should be more concrete, describing your contribution so far, and what you hope to accomplish next.

Submissions must be single-author and should identify any supervisors below the author's name. Applications are limited to a length of 2 pages (including all material)

Review Process

The review and decision of acceptance will balance many factors; these include the quality of your proposal and where you are within your doctoral education program. They also include external factors, such as ensuring that the group of the accepted candidates exhibit a diversity of backgrounds and topics.

The program committee will give strongest consideration to candidates who have a clearly developed idea, who are formally considered by their institution to be working on their dissertation, and who still have time to be influenced by participation in the PhD Workshop.

Submission is now closed